Calculate What You Need

In order find the approximate amount of material from your real property report or survey report there are a few items that you will need to be aware of:

  • Approx lot shape (ex. Triangle or Rectangle/Square)
  • Measurement unit (ex. meters or feet)
  • Building(s) location

Once those details are identified you will need find the total area of the lot and subtract the area of the buildings and structures (voids).

Dimensions of Lot

To find the total length and width of the lot you will need to have the following details to enter into the calculator:

  • Length – What is the TOTAL length? Ex. Add up all the lengths, including buildings – 5.77 + 4.88 + 11.66 + 2 + 4 + 1.76 = 30.07 meters (Red Boxes)
  • Width – What is the TOTAL width? Ex. What is the width? – 26.21 meters (Orange Box)
  • The general lot shape – What shape does the lot look like? Ex. it’s a Triangle (Yellow line)
  • Measurement unit – What unit is the diagram in? Ex. it’s in Meters (Purple Box)

Ex. Length = 30.07m   Width =  26.21m 

Length Conversion


Dimensions of Buildings

To find the dimensions of the buildings and structures (voids) you will add all the lengths and the widths of each building (void).

  • Length – What are the lengths of the areas that AREN’T filled with product? Ex. Driveway 5.77, Attached Garage 4.88 House 11.66, Patio 2, Swimming Pool 4. (Blue Boxes)
  • Width – What is the average width of the areas that AREN’T filled with product? Ex. Driveway 8.77, Attached Garage 8.77 House 10.86, Patio 13, Swimming Pool 13. (Blue Boxes)

Ex. Length = 28.31m   Width =  54.4m / 5 = 10.88m

Cubic Feet Needed

  • Subtract the dimension of lot by dimensions of buildings to get length and width needed   Ex. Length = 1.76m   Width =  15.33m
  • Use appropriate calculator on left to multiply the calculated length by the width and approximate depth of product needed
    • Topsoil = 6″ ( 10 – 20% compaction rate)


Ex. Length = 1.76 m   Width  = 15.33 m

Example Diagram:

RPR Example

Disclaimer: The information is being provided for preliminary estimate and feasibility purposes only, and should not be used as a final quantity.