Mulch & Wood Chips in Edmonton

Keep your Edmonton garden moist, vibrant and weed free with mulch and wood chips. Put hemlock bark chips around your trees, shrubs and perennials, or use local spruce mulch to create an economical pathway to your backyard. The Black Dirt Company has different types of mulch in Edmonton to fit your individual landscaping project.

Types of Mulch & Wood Chips

Our mulch and wood chips will improve the growing conditions in your garden and help extend heat levels. Choose the best mulch for your needs, and stop by our shop to pick up your supplies.

Red Cedar Chips

Used for all sorts of decorative landscaping applications. Usually applied 3-4 inches deep. This product keeps moisture in the ground which will inhibit weed growth. Use of landscaping fabric with this product is optional - but is highly recommended as also helps with weeds. Can be used around trees and shrubs and perennials. Over time (usually a couple years) it will lighten in color and turn a grayish color. Can be freshened up with a light layer over existing product.
Mulch & Chips