Topsoil, Compost & Manure in Edmonton

Working on expanding your garden? Then you’ll need the best topsoil in Edmonton for the job! Get compost, manure, topsoil, peat moss and garden mix from The Black Dirt Company. To make sure your plants get the nutrients and moisture they need, get the right soil from us.

Garden Mix, Peat Moss & Compost

At The Black Dirt Company we offer a wide selection of dirt and soils. Whether for large-scale landscaping or indoor planters, we have the soil you need. Our mixes hold different amounts of moisture and nutrients and are good for various projects. If you don’t know what kind of soil you need, ask one of our experts.

Peat Moss

Peat Moss is important to farmers and gardeners, who mix it into soil to improve its structure and to increase acidity. The most important property of peat moss is retaining moisture in soil when its dry and yet preventing the excess water from killing roots when it is wet. Peat Moss can store nutrients although it is not fertile itself.
Soil & Compost