Boulders & Flagstone in Edmonton

Boulders and flagstone are the perfect additions to any landscaping design. From flagstone waterfalls to boulder garden accents, adding these stones to your yard is sure to create something wonderful.

Create garden walls or pathways with our boulders and flagstone and see your yard transform. As large flat stones, flagstone is perfect for creating a custom patio, lining a path or creating furnishings like our stone benches. Boulders are great for creating boundaries, especially if you’re adding a pond or sanctuary to your backyard.

Edmonton’s Choice of Boulders & Flagstone

Our boulders and flagstone come from the quarries of British Columbia and range in shape and size. They are all available for pick up or delivery, depending on what works best for you. Call The Black Dirt Company today for more information about our boulders in Edmonton.

Rundle Boulder

Available in multiple sizes.
  • Stackable (flat sides for stacking)
  • 2-3 ft
  • 4+ ft
Boulders & Flagstone