Knowledgeable, Professional and Approachable

The Black Dirt Company is a landscaping supply center and trucking company that is located in the City of Spruce Grove. We specialize in the sale and delivery of topsoil, garden mix, decorative rock, sand & gravel, fill clay, sod and other various landscaping products.

We take pride in offering knowledge and expertise for all your small to large D-I-Y projects. With your dimensions we can help you calculate the amount of product you need to ensure you get not too much and not too little. We will recommend the correct product for your needs or guide you to choose for yourself from the product display in our showroom or to drive in our yard to see our large selection of products.

At The Black Dirt Company, we pride ourselves on being innovative and efficient. In 2020 we opened a Drive Thru to serve customers who know what they want. We can take your order, accept payment, and direct you to the bin where you will back up and our Yard Attendants will serve you. 

We can deliver anything! Call our office and we can deliver any product we carry: bulk landscape material in quantities of ¼ yard and up; small products like pails, bags of firewood, and landscape edging; or a prized boulder to display in your front yard.

We take pride in our screened topsoil, garden mix, and clay and have samples analyzed by government accredited labs for metals, salinity, acidity, and weeds; and compaction for clay. Check out the yearly results under Resources tab on our website and the News tab to learn more about your soil-related questions. We’re here to help and can cater to large construction projects as we strip, screen, and load from our own local fields. 

There isn’t much we can’t do at The Black Dirt Company. Give us a call to see how we can help.

Family-Owned History

In April of 1994, we were contracted to strip a field on the corner of Highway 16A and Campsite Road of it’s topsoil. Little did we know this was the beginning of our small business that grew to what it is today.

At first our topsoil was stripped off the farmland with nothing more that our John Deere tractor and a bucket attachment. Before we knew it, trucks were driving in and asking if they could buy a load or two,  and soon a little shack was hauled in and a phone line was installed.  Without knowing how to answer the phone besides saying “ hello”, we answered “ The Black Dirt Company”. Little did we know what those words would bring.

We had only one employee at the time so we stocked the yard with sand and gravel to help keep busy. Then we found we needed to bring in a skid steer to load all the pickup trucks & smaller trailers. Eventually, our customers started asking for decorative rocks, different kinds of sand, gravel, bark chips and so on, and if we would deliver our loads of black dirt. That was when we bought our first truck, then another and another and another…..

So essentially it was our customer’s that helped us build our company to what it is today.  We listened to our customers and their requests which helped us choose our products and services.  We have continued to build the business with this type of customer service in mind and we’ve been rewarded by seeing our customers return, year after year.

We enjoyed our little corner on Campsite Road for seventeen years. Through the years we saw a lot of changes come to the City of Spruce Grove in that time. When we started our business, we were located on the far western outskirts of the city and all that was in between was another farmer’s field.  The city grew rapidly, and last year in the fall of 2011, we moved from the corner of Highway 16A & Campsite Road to our new location on the corner of Golden Spike Road and Saskatchewan Avenue in the new Spruce Grove Industrial Park.

Darren, our son, joined the company in the Spring of 2010 and with his business experience from his years as a bank manager helped to negotiate the purchase of our lot and our building of our new location. He brings with him the enthusiasm and ambition that we started with over 18 years ago.

We are no longer that little Black Dirt Company on the corner of Campsite Road. We’ve built a business that is sustainable and look forward to contributing back to our customers for many years to come.


Kieth and Connie Hinkel

Handing of the Torch

Never forget where you come from, and humble beginnings. It’s a message from Mrs. Dirt Senior that we don’t forget. With time, we allowed the founders Kieth and Connie to retire, though that was quite difficult for them! We didn’t try to change The Black Dirt Company, we just tried to make it better every day. It is our daily motto that we instill in our employees who put the same pride into their work and try to come up with the best solutions, as much to the customers satisfaction as possible.

We have strived to continue to be known for our great customer service and are always trying to be creative and innovative, and not be afraid to experiment. Our goal is to be fast, efficient, and effective in all areas of our business so we can best support our customers.

We extend that into the support we provide to our communities (Parkland County, Town of Stony Plain, and City of Spruce Grove) that we live in and serve. In recent years we have strategized on who we are, what do we do, and why do we do it. We learned that our Purpose is ‘We cultivate community.’ We feel it covers all that we do and who we are.

Next year marks our 30-year Anniversary and boy we are proud. Proud of the family of staff, customers, contractors, and community that we work with and support, both Past and Present. We are now looking Forward to the Future and what it holds for us.


Mr. and Mrs. Dirt Junior
Darren and Charlene Hinkel
(with potentially but not pushing it, future owners Dylan and Alicia)