The Black Dirt Company delivers boulders and bulk products! To ensure the best customer service and delivery experience possible please be aware of the following when ordering your materials:

  • Delivery Estimates
    • Our delivery calculator provides an estimate based on the distance to deliver. Please note that this is only an estimate, and the final delivery cost may vary due to various other factors.
  • Pallet Deliveries
    • Pallets can be delivered via our picker truck. Pallets can only be placed within the reach of the picker (a maximum of 16’) from the truck, depending on pallet weight.
  • Delivery Times
    • The nature of our business prevents us from giving an exact delivery time.
  • Drop Instructions
    • Tell us where you’d like the product. Even if you aren’t home, put a flag up or a tarp down and we’ll put it there. To ensure the safety of everyone and our equipment we need adequate room for our trucks. Please indicate if there are any overhead power lines, fencing, building proximity concerns, etc.
  • Release of Liability
    • Our drivers will not back across concrete drives, sidewalks, etc., or proceed onto the property until the invoice (release form) has been signed. The customer is financially responsible for any property or equipment damage. We will not cross over any septic systems or fields under any circumstances.
  • Road Bans
    • Our truck load capacity may be reduced during road ban season.
  • Installation
    • The Black Dirt Company does not offer installation service with our delivery. Please view our Contractors and Installers directory to find the right company/contractor for you.

Note: If no instructions are provided the driver will phone for off-loading preferences. If the call is missed we will move on to the next delivery.