Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do your products weigh?
All of our products have vastly varying weights. Please ask a member of our staff on specific product weights. Ensure you ask before being loaded to confirm your vehicle can withstand the load weight.

Is your topsoil guaranteed weed free?
Our topsoil is screened through a screener. There are no chemicals used on the soil. Because of this, we cannot guarantee any soil product is completely weed free. In order to make topsoil weed free, the soil must be sterilized which in turn removes the growing properties and makes the soil infertile.

Can I use topsoil for my garden?
While topsoil is suitable for a garden, we highly recommend our premium garden mix. It is a blend of materials that promotes growth and has very effective results.

Will you deliver to my location?
Yes, we deliver all across Alberta. Please contact the office for delivery cost inquiries.

What time will my product be delivered?
The nature of our business prevents us from giving an exact delivery time. While we provide delivery time windows via text message, these are not guarantees. We strive to adhere to the schedules, but due to uncontrollable outside factors, we cannot always arrive when we mean to.

Will you dump on the street?
Our drivers are only permitted to dump on private property. The product will be dumped on your driveway or on a space indicated by you. Please note our trucks cannot drive over curbs or sidewalks.

When can I purchase sod?
Our sod is grown and cut by Manderley. They aim to have sod available for May 1st of each year. However, as it is a natural product, we cannot guarantee when it will be ready.

Can I return sod?
All sod is Final Sale. Since it is a live product, we cannot take it back once it has been sold and left our yard.

I bought too many pails worth of product. Can I return what I didn’t use?
Unfortunately once product has left our yard it is against company policy to return it. If you are unsure of how much product you will require, our office and drive thru staff can assist you with calculations.

I know my square footage. How much product do I need?
Our knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you in calculating how much product you will require. We also have a section on our website where you can enter your information and will have the requirements calculated for you.

Yard Visitor and Customer Responsibilities:

To ensure the safety of our customers, visitors, and staff, please follow the rules below:

  • All customers MUST report to the drive thru booth or the office prior to entering the yard.
  • Children and pets MUST be supervised at all times while in the yard.
  • The speed limit of the yard is 10 km/hour or slower.
  • The loader operators have the right-of-way at ALL times.
  • Remain inside your vehicle while being loaded.
  • Do not enter restricted areas such as warehouses, shop bays, sea-cans, etc.
  • Where applicable and as requested, wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (steel toed boots, safety vest, etc.) unless you are escorted by an employee of The Black Dirt Company. There is also absolutely no walking through the yard unless accompanied by a staff member.
  • Report any unsafe conditions or incidents to reception.
  • Please treat our staff with respect. Any form of abuse will not be accepted and management reserves the right to refuse service to protect our staff.
  • Company Policies:
    • The Black Dirt Company will NOT load enclosed trailers, horse trailers, trucks with canopies, tailgates that do not open, or hard truck bed covers.
    • Pails will not be loaded into lifted trucks.
    • Only free-standing containers will be filled with product.

Yard Disclaimer:

The combination of unloading bulk product from heavy duty equipment can be unpredictable under the best of circumstances and therefore may cause damage. For that reason, entering our Yard is done so at your own risk. The Black Dirt Company will not be held responsible for any damages.