Clay, Sand & Gravel in Edmonton

If you’re working on a landscaping project, chances are you need sand and gravel in Edmonton. Sand may make you think of trips to the beach, but it is in fact an extremely useful foundation and filler for building, excavation and gardening projects. When placed over the topsoil, gravel can help control moisture and impede evaporation. We recommend planting brightly coloured flowers that require high levels of moisture in dense clay.

At The Black Dirt Company, we assist with a wide range of projects that require clay, sand and gravel. Edmonton residents can depend on us for just the right kind of material to get the job done.

Benefits of Using Sand & Gravel in Your Edmonton Property

Sand and gravel are versatile products for your Edmonton property. As we mentioned, dense clay and gravel are great for moisture control and keeping certain plants well-watered. Other benefits of gravel include providing a level ground to build a foundation on. For example, gravel keeps the ground from eroding over time, stopping your slab from sinking. Gravel also allows for better drainage and helps your slab avoid settlement cracks.

According to industry experts, sand is the key to laying durable and long-lasting stone pavers. Sand is used for the pavers’ bedding and for filling in the joints. Different types of sand should be used for each step of the paver installation. For example, sharp, course and granular sand is best for the bedding because as you compact it, the course sand interlocks and creates a smooth surface. Use sand with multiple grain sizes for filling the joints. This will allow the sand to bind together so the pavers won’t slip.

Types of Clay, Sand & Gravel

The Black Dirt Company offers Edmonton various types and gradients of sand, gravel and clay for different gardening, building and landscaping needs. If you need sand or gravel in Edmonton, call us today.

Sanding Chips

Applied on ice in parking lots to improve traction. Also referred to as sanding gravel or buckshot.
Clay & Sand