Decorative Rock in Edmonton

Looking to spruce up your yard? Hoping to add to your property’s overall value? If you want to add extra curb appeal to your home, come to The Black Dirt Company for our variety of decorative rock in Edmonton. From shale to river rock to limestone, you can find just what you need.

Decorative rock can be used in many landscaping, gardening and home-beautifying projects. Give your home a new accent with a brightly coloured driveway made of ball diamond shale. Add a stylish playground to your backyard with a pea gravel base. Make your yard stand out with decorative landscaping made of our purple sparkle rock.

Common Uses for Your Decorative Rock in Edmonton

Not sure what to do with the decorative rock on your Edmonton property? Choosing the right decorative rock comes down to not only appearances like colour and texture, but also how it will be used. Will the area get a lot of foot traffic? Will irrigation be an issue? These are a few factors to consider. Of the decorative rock we carry, here are some popular ones and their benefits and common uses:

Ball Diamond Shale
Red or tan ball diamond shale or aggregate is most often used for ball fields. It offers good drainage, cuts maintenance costs, makes the space safer for players thanks to better traction and reduces glare.

Pea Gravel
Pea gravel is made up of small, round rock that is inexpensive and readily available for areas around patios and pathways. It can also be used for filling in between flagstones or other pavers. Simply weeding regularly and ensuring the gravel stays within its barrier is all the maintenance you need.

Grey Limestone
Limestone is versatile and can be used on decorative trim around your garden. It is long-lasting, strong and dense with little pore spaces which helps it withstand abrasion and the cycle of freezing and thawing. Limestone is cost-effective and ages well, making it a perfect investment.

River Rock
Larger than pea gravel, river rock is smooth and come in various colours and sizes. You can make a dry creek bed out of them or use them to help with drainage in your yard. Weed often, use a blower to remove leaves and other debris and consider installing landscape fabric under your river rock to keep the heavier stones from settling into your soil.

Your Decorative Rock Options

Choose your decorative rock in Edmonton based on your style and preferences. The Black Dirt Company hosts an inventory full of varied and colourful decorative rock that’s sure to bring your yard to the next level. For bulk order delivery or answers to your questions, call us today.

Rundle Rock

Available in 3 sizes:
  • 10mm (0.4in)
  • 20mm (0.75in)
  • 40mm (1.5in)
Decorative Rock