Landscaping Fabric & Edging in Edmonton

Make your garden landscaping look like an idyllic paradise. How? Be sure to inhibit weed growth with landscaping fabric and create straight lines with landscaping edging. Get your landscaping supplies delivered by The Black Dirt Company in Spruce Grove.

While mulch and gravel are good helpers for reducing weeds, you’ll have a better chance at a weed-free garden if you lay down landscaping fabric underneath your plants. We offer various full roll sizes to help you eliminate weeds while still maintaining water levels. Our landscaping edging also comes in various styles and sizes to meet your needs.

Landscaping Supplies Available in Edmonton

Our landscaping supplies and accessories will help you keep your yard looking like a dream. The Black Dirt Company has the landscaping fabric and edging in Edmonton to help you maintain your garden, so visit us today.

Pro Platinum Landscaping Fabric

  • Excellent weed control
  • Strong with good water and air permeability
  • Stays flexible for easy handling

Available in Full Roll Sizes:

3′ x 50′         3′ x 100′

3′ x 250′       4′ x 250′

6′ x 250′       12′ x 250′

Fabric & Edging