Love the texture of a natural, organic lawn? Have new, lush sod installed and enjoy the scents and scenery that come with it!  Have a bare patch in your yard, over-seeding is a great way to fill in those spaces.  Don’t forget to feed your yard with our quality Manderly fertilizer.

Our sod is healthy, fresh, and cut daily. Come into our yard for pick up or have us deliver our sod to you. We sell our sod by the roll or by the pallet. It can be picked up or delivered.

Call us first and order your sod 2 days in advance to ensure we can accommodate your request.

Sod Information

  • Each roll is 2’ wide X 5’ long = 10 square feet
  • Each pallet has 70 rolls of sod on it … 700 square feet (approx. 3150 lbs)
  • 35-45 lbs per roll …. The wetter and thicker the sod, the heavier it is


Manderley Grass Seed

Manderley grass seed is perfect for all your applications. The Less water blend (drought resistant) consists of Kentucky Bluegrass/Ryegrass and the Sun/Shade blend is 40% Creeping Red Fescue, 40% Perennial Ryegrass and 20% Kentucky Bluegrass ideal for areas ranging from full sun exposure to partial shade. Available  in 4 different bag sizes:
  • 1 KG
  • 4.5 KG
  • 11.4 KG
  • 22.7 KG
More information: Manderley Grass Seeds
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