Clay, Sand, and Gravel

Clay, Sand, and Gravel in Edmonton

If you’re working on a landscaping project, chances are you need sand and gravel in Edmonton. Sand may make you think of trips to the beach, but it is in fact an extremely useful foundation and filler for building, excavation and gardening projects. When placed over the topsoil, gravel can help control moisture and impede evaporation. We recommend planting brightly coloured flowers that require high levels of moisture in dense clay. At The Black Dirt Company, we assist with a wide range of projects that require clay, sand and gravel. Edmonton residents can depend on us for just the right kind of material to get the job done.

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Bedding Sand

Rock free sand commonly used with installing underground lines.
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Cement Sand in Edmonton

Cement Sand

Also referred to as concrete sand.
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Fill Clay in Edmonton

Fill Clay

Fill Clay is used for the structural foundation of many projects.
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Fill Sand in Edmonton

Fill Sand

Typically used for back filling.
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Horticulture Sand in Edmonton

Horticultural Sand

Coarse sand commonly used for compacting or soil structure.
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Masonry Sand

Masonry Sand

Commonly used in masonry projects and some sand boxes.
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Playground Sand in Edmonton

Playground Sand

Excellent for sand boxes and playgrounds.
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Sand Bags

55lb bags.
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Sanding Chips

Perfect for creating traction in icy parking lots and sidewalks.
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