5 Reasons to Hire Professional Snow Removal Solutions

5 Reasons to Hire Professional Snow Removal Solutions

One thing is for sure, like all years, this year, we’re going to receive our fair share of snow. While our winters aren’t nearly as bad as some other parts of the country, snow removal is still a chore for many business owners in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and the Edmonton Area. That’s why it pays to hire ice and snow solutions like the type offered by us!

While snow removal businesses are a dime a dozen, you always want to hire one with the fastest response time and the ones with large, well-maintained machines. That would mean that they can move a lot more snow in a shorter time, resulting in minimum disruption, if any, to your business.

Better Safety

Anyone who has lived in Canada already knows and realizes that snow can be dangerous. Not only can you slip and fall, but that can potentially lead to injury. If you are a business owner, you certainly don’t want people falling and getting injured at your place of business. If anything, it can end up causing you a lot of legal trouble.

A professional service like ours can push and pile the snow, haul it to the nearest snow dump, maintain sidewalks, and sand parking lots to make them safer. If needed, our team will also blend sanding chips with salt as a de-icing solution.

Professionals Work Fast

Professional ice and snow solutions can remove loads of snow within a couple of minutes. We use large loaders and a grader which enables us to remove a lot of snow in a very short time.

It’s Convenient

Our commercial snow removal contracts offer other services like sidewalk and parking lot maintenance, shovelling, and clearing ice. This can be done outside of business hours. This approach helps minimize any obstructions to your business, which may be caused after a night or day of heavy snowfall.

Excellent Results

Our machines and professionals promise a snow-free storefront, office building, parking lot, etc. We can remove all traces of snow, even the type that seemingly hugs the ground. We also use our de-icing solutions to ensure that the approach to your place of business is safe and inviting.

Clean and Aesthetic

Sure, some people are fans of the snowy landscape, but it can also be aesthetically terrorizing, especially when it is laden with footprints, dirt from the road, and tire tracks. If anything, it can turn away potential clients and customers from your business.

A professional service will clean the snow, making it safe and inviting for everyone who visits your place of business.


At the Black Dirt Company, we’ve got a team of professionals and large machines that will remove a boatload of snow from your driveway within minutes. Customers can also purchase our winter solutions like sanding chip bags and sandbags which can improve traction on driveways and sidewalks. Furthermore, we also have sanding chips and ice melt. So, don’t let snow ruin a perfect business day!

Give us a call today, we are open year-round. You won’t have to worry about snow disrupting your business again.