Why Fall is an Excellent Time to Sod and Seed a Lawn

Why Fall is an Excellent Time to Sod and Seed a Lawn

Why Is Fall is an Excellent Time to Sod and Seed a Lawn? Depending on where you live, mid-September is by far the best time to renovate your lawn. Cooler air with adequate sunshine in the AM helps to create a more temperate climate, ensuring that your grass thrives. In many parts of Canada, the soil can stay warm through November, which means that your grass and seed aren’t going to dry out quickly, while in Spring, you don’t need to water as much either.

Also, you don’t have to worry about weeds!

Getting an early start in fall allows the lawn to take its time and soak up all the much-needed nutrients to stay healthy enough through the winter. In fact, having a strong and dense root system means that they will come right back to life in Spring.

Overseed Your Thin Lawn

Now, if you’ve observed that your lawn appears thin, then fall is perhaps the best time to add a bit of thickness to it with the help of overseeding before winter. At Black Dirt Company, we carry several types of seed, which can help thicken your lawn. Combining seed, fertilizer, and soil improver can be applied using a spreader.

Overseeding will require mowing down your lawn to its lowest setting so that it is at the height of around 2 inches. Then rake the lawn to remove debris and dead grass while loosening up the upper layer of soil, making it easy to seed and root once they sprout.

You will want to water regularly and ensure that the surface is kept moist until the seeds have managed to establish themselves, evident from when the grass reaches a height of around 3 inches.

Nourish Your Lawn

The difference between an average-looking lawn and one that’s beautiful is nourishment. If you want the lawn to look beautiful in Spring, you will want to fertilize it first in early fall and then around 8 weeks later using our top-of-the-line fertilizer. This will help the lawn build deep and strong roots, ensuring a thicker, better-looking lawn the following Spring. Furthermore, our fertilizer helps to provide the nutrients needed by your lawn to recover from the damage done by the sun, drought, and various other activities.


Summer is when your lawn may see a great deal of activity, and so by the time fall starts rolling in, it’s normal to see a few bare patches. A lot of these patches are caused by kids, foot traffic, and pets. That’s why it makes sense to plant grass in the Fall. At The Black Dirt Company, we carry sod, topsoil for top dressing, and the perfect blend of grass seed. All you need is to apply it sometime mid to late September, giving your grass enough time to grow, and then watch how the grass springs right back up as soon as the winter snow clears.

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