Soil and Garden Mix FAQ’s – The Black Dirt Company

Soil and Garden Mix FAQ’s – The Black Dirt Company


All gardeners, professional and otherwise, have concerns when it comes to using a bulk garden mix. While the vast majority of gardeners are okay with starting off using a bulk garden mix and then amending it to suit their needs, other gardeners may want something that works for them out of the box. Regardless of what type of gardener you are, we’ve attempted to address some of the most common questions below.

Q: Why Does the Bulk Garden Mix Become So Hard?

A: The premium bulk garden mix will at times become hard because of the topical soil that’s used in it. However, if you encounter soil that’s become hard, add a bit of peat moss to it. Since peat moss can be expensive, most gardeners don’t want to add more than needed. Peat moss isn’t locally available, which is why you need to use it sparingly.

If you were wondering why the topsoil becomes hard, that’s because it is composed of clay, silt and sand, all of which can bind together. However, the addition of peat moss, mushroom maneuver and compost can help to make it easier for water to penetrate during the hot and dry months.

Q: Why Does My Soil Become So, Dry that Water Just Beads Off It?

A: Again, this problem is caused by many of the factors we talked about when answering the previous question. However, if your soil has become hydrophobic, there are a few ways to deal with it. If the soil is used in raised garden boxes, add more peat moss and compost to it; if it’s ground-level gardens, you can use made using worm castings and finished compost. If you’re dealing with potted plants, then use a bulk garden mix that’s meant for potted plants. Alternatively, you can also hydrate the soil by placing the pot into a body of water so that it covers the pot entirely.

Q: Can Your Bulk Garden Mix Be Amended?

A: Our premium bulk garden mix uses topsoil that’s made in-house. The mix is meant for all types of gardeners, but it is important to keep in mind that each gardener has their own idea of what will work best for them. Also, everyone has an opinion on what makes a good garden mix. Fortunately, our bulk garden mix works as an excellent starting point beyond which it can be amended to suit your needs. In fact, it works for 9 out of 10 gardeners. Regular people who want to keep their rose garden healthy or grow a few vegetables can use our bulk garden mix as-is.

Q: How To Choose the Right Topsoil?

A: Since there is no regulation on the makeup of the topsoil sold in Canada or the US, you need to be an informed buyer. Our bulk garden mix uses the best topsoil produced in-house. However, if you are buying additional topsoil to amend a bulk garden mix or what you already have in a pot or your garden, a visual inspection is an excellent place to start. Dark soil is usually desirable and shows that it has enough organic matter. However, the dark color may signify that the soil was dredged from mainly acidic wetlands, which don’t work in a typical garden setting. Some vendors may add wood ash to the subsoil, which darkens the color but does not improve its quality. Grab a handful of moist soil and squeeze it gently; if it crumbles into small pieces, then it’s the right one. Then wet the hand and run it through your forefinger and thumb, does it feel sticky? If it does, it means the soil has slow drying clay; if it feels gritty, it means it has more sand.


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