Question Answer
Where does sod come from? Manderely sod farm.

On their farm they grow millions of square feet of sod.

When do we get sod? Once the farms fields thaw and dry out they start cutting.
How often do we get sod? Every day except Sundays
How big is the sod? 2’ x 5’
When can you plant sod? All year from spring to late fall.
How much topsoil do I need under my sod? Good soil @ 3”-6”
Should I fertilize when I lay sod? Yes, best to put a root starter fertilizer on the ground under the sod.
How long will sod last before I lay it? Sod is a living, perishable product.

Lay it immediately.

Do I water right away? Yes, water the area within 30 minutes of laying so that your soil is wet to a depth of 1” beneath the sod. One litre of water in the first hour does more than six litres of water three hours later.
How do I water after it is planted? The sod and the underlying soil needs to be moist and not dry out until the roots establish.

This should be one to three weeks.

What about watering after it is established? Your lawn needs an inch of water/week, including rain, when it is actively growing.
I am getting mushrooms in my new sod Mushrooms often appear in new lawn during the period of establishment because new sod requires frequent watering.

Mushrooms DO NOT harm the lawn and will disappear when irrigation is reduced.

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