How to Calculate Topsoil Requirements for Your Lawn

One of the easiest ways to ensure a healthy-looking lawn is with high-quality, nutrient-rich topsoil. Healthy topsoil allows for the growth of healthy grass, which in turn helps to prevent the growth of weeds. At The Black Dirt Company, a provider of landscaping supplies and topsoil in Edmonton, we often help our customers figure out exactly how much topsoil they need to get their grass growing green and thick.

Topsoil in Edmonton

Topsoil is so important because it holds moisture and nutrients far more effectively than the often mineral-rich but much less organically active layer of subsoil underneath. It is where most of the “action” in the soil takes place, where air, water, and organic matter mingle to create a superb growing medium. A thin layer of topsoil will force grass to put down very shallow roots, causing sparse and weak growth. For a thick, vibrant lawn, you’ll want to provide your grass with at least 10 to 20 cm of good topsoil.

Many lawns already have a layer of topsoil, but whether that topsoil is deep enough or rich enough in nutrients is another question. Healthy topsoil will be dark brown to black in colour. It should feel slightly gritty, but it should not have a sandy texture. If you have a poor layer of topsoil, or if your topsoil isn’t deep enough, then you should consider purchasing some more. Adding a layer of compost over top of your new topsoil is a good idea as well.

How to Calculate Your Topsoil Requirements

How much topsoil your lawn needs will depend on the unique requirements of your lawn, but we can walk you through an example calculation which you can then use with your own numbers. First, you’ll need to measure the length and the width of your lawn, and then times the two numbers together to get the area.

For example, a lawn that is 10 metres wide and 10 metres long will have an area of 100 square metres.

Now, decide how deep you want your topsoil to go, convert the measurement into metres, and multiply that by your area. If you have about 5 cm of good soil and want to add 10 cm more, then you’ll need to multiply 100 square metres by 0.1 metres.

100 square metres times 0.1 metres equals 10 cubic metres of topsoil.

It’s always a good idea to purchase a little bit of extra topsoil in Edmonton to allow for some wiggle room, especially if your lawn isn’t perfectly rectangular in shape.

Quality Topsoil and Landscaping Supplies in Edmonton

If you’re still unsure about your topsoil requirements, or if your lawn is a difficult shape to measure, then the Edmonton landscaping supplies experts at The Black Dirt Company are here to help. We offer a wide selection of topsoil and compost, as well as all of the advice you need to grow a healthy and beautiful lawn. For topsoil and other landscaping supplies in Edmonton, just contact The Black Dirt Company today.