We’re Open Monday

We’re open 10am – 5pm Monday, May 22 – Pickup Only (No Deliveries)

Visitor and Customer Responsibilities

  1. Report to reception/office before entering the yard.
  2. Children and pets must be supervised while in the yard.
  3. The speed limit in the Yard is 10 km/hour.
  4. The Loader Operator has the Right-of-Way at all times.
  5. Stay in your vehicle while being loaded.
  6. Do not enter restricted areas (i.e., warehouses).
  7. Where applicable, and as requested, wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (e.g., steel toed boots, safety vest) unless escorted by a Black Dirt Company employee.
  8. Report any unsafe conditions or incidents to reception.
  9. Management reserves the right to refuse service based on disrespectful and/or inappropriate behavior.
  10. Company Policy: The Black Dirt Company will not load enclosed trailers, horse trailers, trucks with canopies, or hard truck bed covers.