How to Calculate Topsoil Requirements for Your Lawn

One of the easiest ways to ensure a healthy-looking lawn is with high-quality, nutrient-rich topsoil. Healthy topsoil allows for the growth of healthy grass, which in turn helps to prevent the growth of weeds. At The Black Dirt Company, a provider of landscaping supplies and topsoil in Edmonton, we often help our customers figure out exactly how much topsoil they need to get their grass growing green and thick.

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Here are some photos of the “Conversation Couch” traveling across our community!

The conversation couch is an engagement tool that encourages people from across our community to listen deeply to one another in order to make new connections, form relationships, and find our more about oneself and others!

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We’re Open Monday

We’re open 10am – 5pm Monday, May 22 – Pickup Only (No Deliveries)

Visitor and Customer Responsibilities

  1. Report to reception/office before entering the yard.
  2. Children and pets must be supervised while in the yard.
  3. The speed limit in the Yard is 10 km/hour.
  4. The Loader Operator has the Right-of-Way at all times.
  5. Stay in your vehicle while being loaded.
  6. Do not enter restricted areas (i.e., warehouses).
  7. Where applicable, and as requested, wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (e.g., steel toed boots, safety vest) unless escorted by a Black Dirt Company employee.
  8. Report any unsafe conditions or incidents to reception.
  9. Management reserves the right to refuse service based on disrespectful and/or inappropriate behavior.
  10. Company Policy: The Black Dirt Company will not load enclosed trailers, horse trailers, trucks with canopies, or hard truck bed covers.



Question Answer
Where does sod come from? Manderely sod farm.

On their farm they grow millions of square feet of sod.

When do we get sod? Once the farms fields thaw and dry out they start cutting.
How often do we get sod? Every day except Sundays
How big is the sod? 2’ x 5’
When can you plant sod? All year from spring to late fall.
How much topsoil do I need under my sod? Good soil @ 3”-6”
Should I fertilize when I lay sod? Yes, best to put a root starter fertilizer on the ground under the sod.
How long will sod last before I lay it? Sod is a living, perishable product.

Lay it immediately.

Do I water right away? Yes, water the area within 30 minutes of laying so that your soil is wet to a depth of 1” beneath the sod. One litre of water in the first hour does more than six litres of water three hours later.
How do I water after it is planted? The sod and the underlying soil needs to be moist and not dry out until the roots establish.

This should be one to three weeks.

What about watering after it is established? Your lawn needs an inch of water/week, including rain, when it is actively growing.
I am getting mushrooms in my new sod Mushrooms often appear in new lawn during the period of establishment because new sod requires frequent watering.

Mushrooms DO NOT harm the lawn and will disappear when irrigation is reduced.

We rent sod rollers & aerators!

Screened Topsoil – Grove Drive East Field Open

We are finally in the fields preparing for the spring/summer rush! There are a lot of things to consider each spring such as our approaches, road bans, and tracking mud into the public roads.

We’ll be loading and hauling screened topsoil from our Grove Drive East location starting this Wednesday May 3rd @ 7:00 am sharp!

Synthetic or Natural – Which Lawn is Right for You?

The look and health of their lawn are often at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds. Come spring time, lawn care demands a good deal of time and attention, leaving homeowners looking for quality topsoil, mulch, and landscaping supplies in Edmonton. Some homeowners even consider making the switch to a synthetic lawn instead.

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ORGANIC Ice Melt and De-icer

We’re open all year round!
During the winter months we provide firewood, sanding chips, de-icer and ice melt. This year we have ORGANIC de-icer and ice melt!! Come in today for more information and to purchase all your winter solutions!

Bring in a 5 gallon pail for the Spruce Grove Kinettes Christmas Hamper and get 15% off your purchase!

Winter Solutions

Organic Melt

Community Spirit Award Recipients 2016

video credit: Brenda Hehr

There are so many things to be grateful for…
We’re excited, proud and humbled to receive the Community Spirit Award, ‘The Watch’ created by Edward McLean.

As we celebrate the new ventures in the company we won’t forget where we started…  It’s because of our employees that we are where we are today! Thank you to everyone that has supported us throughout the years!

Company’s Great Service

Tammy was a huge help and we got all the stone we needed, as well as a fire pit (not that we will get to use it this summer LOL). We will be back for some black dirt and mulch as well. Thanks Darren for your help and your company’s great service.

I was standing in the office waiting for Bill to load some sand and watching your staff. They are so organized and run that office and yard like a well-oiled machine. Congrats to you on great hiring.

Take care….


~Tammy Coulson 

Will your garden be ready when fall comes to Edmonton?

It’s hard to believe but summer’s almost over. With the colder weather just around the corner now’s a good time to start getting your garden in gear for the winter wind-down. Keep reading for some tips that will help you get your backyard ready for fall.

1. Be good to your grass

Prepare your lawn for winter by giving it some love during the final days of summer. Boost your lawn’s health now and you’ll have a head start come spring with these tips:

  • Rake or mow fallen leaves
  • Aerate your lawn so that fertilizer can reach the roots
  • Fill in bald patches with a lawn repair kit
  • Take care of weeds
  • Apply a good winterizing fertilizer all over your lawn

2. Clean up your vegetable garden

Once the growing cycle for your herbs and vegetables is complete, you can work on cleaning up their bed:

  • Pull and compost weeds and leftover plants
  • Hoe the topsoil to remove roots and other debris
  • Work compost into the dirt
  • Cover gardening beds with a blanket of mulch

3.Don’t forget your tools

Part of your fall checklist should be devoted to thoroughly cleaning all of your landscaping materials and equipment before storing them for winter. Simply:

  • Wash away any caked-on dirt with your water hose’s pressure attachment
  • Rub vegetable oil into wooden handles to prevent winter cracking
  • Coat metal parts with a spray lubricant to protect them from rust
  • Drain the gas from your lawnmower and other power equipment
  • Change the air filters on lawnmowers and other power tools
  • Organize and stowaway landscaping materials so they’re ready for spring

4. Tend to your plants

Take care of your perennials and potted plants before overnight temperatures start to dip. A little bit of preparation during fall can help your plants survive the winter and save you time next spring.

  • Flush your potted plants with water to remove pests and then cover them with mulch before bringing them into the house for winter.
  • Prune perennials that have already gone dormant for the season.
  • Stake any newly planted trees that you have in your yard to protect them from getting damaged by fierce winter winds.
  • Plant your spring bulbs while the ground is still soft and warm.

5.Pick up some supplies

Visit The Black Dirt Company in Edmonton today to pick up the supplies you need to prepare for the season ahead. You can find everything you’re looking for at The Black Dirt Company from landscaping materials, to mulch and topsoil, firewood and so much more! Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Variety of Expocrete and Barkman Products Available

We offer a wide range of Expocrete and Barkman products! To help with the purchase and installation of the product, each company offers guides.


You can see these products in Action on our Pinterest or Facebook page!

Come in today to see them in person!

Green Tree Pruning Review

I wanted to write a quick note with a shout out to the front end staff at the Black Dirt Company. The friendly, knowledgeable and helpful girls make coming in a great experience. I have always had quick service and great advice. Thank you, thank you.

This past week, I have had some great help from the young man out in the yard, he patiently helped me pick out the right product for the right job. Nicely done.

Thanks, Doreen from Green Tree Pruning – 780.909.7995


We are now a proud member of LANTA

Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association  is a voluntary trade association for businesses in the ornamental horticultural industry across Alberta. Landscape Alberta members are involved in various sectors of the industry, and the association represents Landscape Contractors (design, construction, maintenance), Arborists, Lawn Care Providers, Tree Nurseries, Garden Centres, and Sod Producers.